Are we going outside for recess?


As we approach the winter season and the possibility of very cold temperatures, we remind all our students to dress for the weather.  Our district guideline as outlines in AP 133 states:

              When conditions reach -20 Celsius or colder including the wind-chill factor, it is recommended that students be kept inside for recess or lunch breaks. 

In the event that temperatures reach the -20 or colder, our patrollers will not be available to assist our students in crossing the street at our crosswalk on Douglasdale Blvd. 

Temperature readings are taken from the weather network where temperature can be determined for the exact address of our school.  When deciding on whether students can be outside, we consider this reading in making our decision.  To access the Weather Network and the temperature at our school location please click on the link:  

Monsignor J.S. Smith Weather